Supplier selfregistration

The CFL is constantly looking for new procurement sources.

Potential suppliers who want their products and services to be evaluated, are invited to register themselves on Ariba Network, the platform chosen by the CFL for the management of suppliers and, in the future, for any invitations to tender.

SAP Ariba is the world’s largest global trading community with over 2 million trading partners. Via Internet browser, companies of any size can access this platform, providing a large range of solutions and services to manage their transactions and their business data. SAP Ariba enables suppliers to position themselves in a way to generate more business from their current customers, while gaining new market shares, given the possibility of making the basic information of their companies visible to all buyers of the platform, thus enabling them to participate in sourcing events through this path.

No costs will be incurred by creating your Ariba Network profile, completing the supplier questionnaire requested by CFL or responding to a sourcing event for CFL at a subsequent stage.

Link to use for the registration at Ariba:

If you have any questions about the installation of your CFL profile in Ariba, please do not hesitate to contact CFL by sending an e-mail to:

Every supplier is obliged to provide accurate data which should be adapted depending the evolution of the society.

We look forward to working with you,

Peter Van Der Jeugd

Head of the Procurement Coordination Department