The Purchasing Coordination Service (AT).

The Service Coordination Achats or AT's mission consists in developing and putting the CFL purchasing policy into practice while respecting the company's general strategy and ensuring operational management of stock and purchase of goods and services.

Purchasing contributes directly to the aims of the company in terms of quality, health, safety and environment.

To satisfy the needs of our customers, the CFL pays a great deal of attention to the necessity to deliver feasible products and services that conform to customers' expectations. This prompts the company to adapt: through developing new products and reducing delays, as well as lower prices and better quality.

The management of purchases is ensured by an experienced and motivated team that commits itself to:

  • competitiveness, respect for deadlines and quality of products and services;
  • examining the market in view of high quality services from the side of suppliers;
  • examining permanent improvements;
  • respecting rules and regulations;
  • respecting safety and the environment.

While ensuring equitable treatment for suppliers, it should be specified that co-ordination with suppliers is essential to be able to finalise joint actions that lead to cost reduction and improve the quality of products and services.