Corporate social responsibility report

The second social responsibility report (available here) of CFL Group reconfirms its commitment to sustainable development and especially sustainable mobility, the protection of the environment and socially responsible policies.

In 2014, CFL Group transported 21.5 million passengers and 913 million tonne-kilometres of goods, making it the fifth largest employer in Luxembourg. However, the CFL's priorities go further than merely bringing people and goods from A to B, as the group also wants to make social, environmental and economic values an integral part of its culture and strategy.

We have placed our customers at the centre of this strategic approach, while taking into account their changing expectations and requirements in all our operating areas. The aim of this new strategy is to put together a common set of guidelines for all the areas we operate in, while bearing in mind five key criteria: quality, security and innovation, as well as the necessary know-how and performance. This clear-cut desire is most prominent in our efforts to continuously adapt the CFL's services to the needs of its customers.

This is particularly the case when it comes to investing in rolling stock and modernising infrastructure.

At the same time CFL Group gives the highest priority to guaranteeing all our customers the highest possible level of security. And we have committed ourselves to reducing the impact our activities have on the environment, for example by keeping an eye on the size of our ecological footprint and by putting in place measures that allow us to compensate for it.

The current report addresses the various aspects of social responsibility through four themes: customers, staff, society and environment. Our social responsibility report, therefore, complements the CFL's annual report by focusing on subjects other than financial ones.


Président du Conseil d'Administration

Directeur Général