References of the product ownership and maintenance division


Mixed use buildings


The 'Les Rotondes ' complex



Administrative and residential building

Surface area: 14.000 m²

Completed in 2012

Cristal Mondorf residence


To the sales


Commercial and residential building

Surface area: 6.400 m²

Projects in course


Residential buildings


Detached family homes in Belvaux




Semi-detached homes

Surface area per home: 175 m²

Completed in 2010


Administrative buildings


Wecker railway station




Renovation of the station
Adapted for administrative use

Surface area: 270 m²

Completed in 2012

Passenger building in Esch


to the rents



Esch sur Alzette
Administrative and commercial building

Surface area: 2.850 m²

Projects in course


Commercial buildings


Pavillon Grand-ducal





Luxembourg Station
Adapted for commercial use

Surface area: 142 m²

Completed in 2009



Artisanal buildings


Building in Hollerich


To the rents



Artisanal and commercial building

Surface area: 7.000 m²

Projects in course