New appointments to the board of directors

During its meeting on 24th February 2014, the Board of Directors of the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois awarded Mr Alex Kremer the title of Honorary Managing Director of the CFL.

CFL-Board of Directors from 1st March 2014 on.

(from left to right: Gilbert Schock, Fraenz Benoy, Marc Hoffmann, Marc Wengler, Philippe Schrantz, Henri Werdel, Laurence Zenner)

It also unanimously appointed Mr Gilbert Schock as Administrative and Financial Director and Mr Fraenz Benoy as Freight Director.

The Board of Directors thanked Mr Alex Kremer for his services to the company since he took up his responsibilities in 1973 and as Managing Director since 2001, and awarded him the honorary title for his role.

Mr Gilbert Schock, aged 56, follows Mr Marc Wengler as Administrative and Financial Director. As of 1st March 2014, Mr Wengler will be the Managing Director of the CFL. Mr Schock started his career at the CFL in 1976 and he is currently the head of the Finance and Management Control Department.

Mr Fraenz Benoy, aged 54, started working at the CFL in 1997 as a Director at the subsidiary Conteneurs Logistique Bettembourg. He is currently Chief Executive of the CFL Multimodal Group and will be the Director of Freight Activities, a newly created Department.

Moreover, Ms Laurence Zenner, aged 42, who holds a degree in civil engineering from Liège University, will be the new Secretary General of the CFL Group. She joined the CFL in 1999 and is currently the head of the Infrastructure Management Department.

The CFL Board of Directors will now consist of:

  • Marc Wengler, Managing Director
  • Marc Hoffmann, Passenger Activities Director
  • Philippe Schrantz, Human Resources & Organisation Director
  • Henri Werdel, Infrastructure Management Director
  • Gilbert Schock, Administrative and Financial Director
  • Fraenz Benoy, Freight Director

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