10 steps to rail cool

Campaign for sensibilisation.

10 Steps to rail cool​

Mp3 players that are too loud, passengers putting their feet on the seats, jostling when boarding trains, train seats and floors dirtied with food scraps or drinks... all this can ruin many passengers' journeys.

This is why the CFL decided to launch a campaign to raise awareness among young people, in order to encourage them to behave in a respectful and orderly fashion. To get the message across in a fun and relaxed way, the idea of shooting a film by and for young people was born.

The film '10 steps to rail cool' was shot in cooperation with the young actors from the Artistekëscht - Kanner an Jugendtheater Käl / Téiteng group.

You will find the result of this shooting here:

 Download the flyer of the campaign as well as the solution of the game.​

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