"E Buch am Zuch" ...

... again a complete success

On 23 April, to commemorate World Book Day and the anniversary of the deaths of both Shakespeare and Cervantes, the "Freed um Liesen" association, the Centre national de littérature and the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fers Luxembourgeois (CFL) had invited each and every one to pick up their personal copy of the "Buch am Zuch".

Well ahead of the start of the official distribution, long lines of impatient people assembling in the stations of Luxembourg, Wasserbillig and Bettembourg gave an impression of the popularity and the probable success of the newest edition. At 4 pm precisely, distribution of the 2015 edition began and the hall of Luxembourg Central Station was filled with people, most of them rejoicing because they were able to add a new  volume to their collection of "Buch am Zuch".

This year, all texts came from authors of Luxembourgish nationality or residing in Luxembourg and revolved around the topic of childhood and its many aspects.

CFL would like to thank their partners, namely the association "Freed um Liesen" and the Centre national de littérature, as well as all those who contributed to the success of this year's edition of "Buch am Zuch".

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