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CFL cargo Deutschland GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Straße 15
24941 Flensburg
Tel.: + 49 (0)461 / 70 71 74 - 0
Fax: + 49 (0)461 / 70 71 74 - 15

General Manager: Mr Paul Hodgson​

Operations Safety and Compliance: Mr Martin Budihn

Registered at AG Flensburg, HRB 6229 FL, UIC-Nr.: 2282 

VAT number DE 812 563 859

Bank information: VR Bank eG Niebüll, BLZ: 217 635 42, Kto: 782 65 16

General Service Terms (ALB) - version dated 17. March 2014

Privacy Policy

Personal information

In case of contact (via email / query form), any personal information submitted by users will be saved. Submitting personal details is voluntary. Any information no longer relevant to CFL cargo Deutschland will be deleted. Any personal information will not be made accessible to third parties.

User behaviour

Anonymous information concerning user behaviour, for example users' IP-addresses, date and time of access to individual pages of this website are directly saved in the form of log files. This data will not be combined with any user profiles.

Anonymous use

An entirely anonymous use of this website is possible if the user connects to the site via an access provider using dynamic IP-addresses. In this case, no recording of the user's data is possible. Nevertheless, if necessary, user information can be obtained from the access provider via a formal mandate from the relevant authorities.

User information

Aside from the aforementioned recorded information, no other personal data is handled, saved or processed. Voluntarily provided contact information (e.g. name and email address) is merely used for processing an Order or for the purpose of communicating with the user.

Right to consult and request the deletion of personal information

At all times, users have the right to consult and correct their personal information. In addition, at all times, users have the right to request the erasure of their personal information from our files. This does not apply for information recorded for invoicing purposes.

Legal Notice / Disclaimer

CFL cargo Deutschland GmbH aims to publish accurate and timely information on this website. Nevertheless, possible errors and inconsistencies may be published inadvertently. Therefore, CFL cargo Deutschland GmbH does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and quality of the provided information.

CFL cargo Deutschland GmbH reserves the right to modify, remove and complete parts or the entirety of the internet offering, as well as to cease publication temporarily or permanently, without prior notice.

CFL cargo Deutschland GmbH cannot be held liable for any material or immaterial damages caused directly or indirectly through the information provided, either through incorrect or incomplete information.

The responsibility for "external content", accessible for example through direct or indirect links to third party websites, presumes among others of positive knowledge of the illegal or even criminal content.

CFL cargo Deutschland GmbH has no influence on "external content" and does not accept liability for this content.

​​CFL cargo Deutschland GmbH has no positive knowledge of illegal or offensive content on the linked sites of external providers. Should the linked sites of external providers contain any illegal or offensive content, CFL cargo Deutschland GmbH explicitly distances itself from this content. ​