​​​We continuously invest in our fleet of locomotives and wagons, in order to meet the customers' needs and satisfy requirements in the areas of security, quality and respect for the environment. 


Our fleet of more than 8​0 electric and diesel locomotives runs international long-distance transports within France / Belgium / Germany as well as regional feeder trains in Denmark, France, Germany and Sweden.  In addition, a fleet of diesel locomotives is dedicated to shunting operations at the Bettembourg marshalling yard and on industrial networks.

Rail freight wagons

All our railway wagons are suited for the normal European track gauge (all European countries except Russia, Spain & UK). In addition, they are authorised for all dangerous goods (RID material, except class 7 nuclear goods).

Customers and partners can also rent wagons for their own rail freight projects. For more information about wagon rental, please contact Steve Friedgen ​(steve.friedgen@​cflcargo.lu, +352 4996-1903).

Technical wagon information