Corrective maintenance & mobile teams

Our corrective maintenance workshop performs repairs to damages caused by accidents or incidents and abnormal deterioration quickly and carefully, to keep down-times as short as possible.

We process an average of 5,600 repairs on freight wagons each year:

  • 3,800 repair jobs on the 9 tracks at the workshop in Pétange and the 4 tracks in Belval
  • 1,800 on-site repair jobs, executed by the mobile service teams​ in the Greater Region


Our quick-response mobile service teams intervene on smaller repairs within 24 hours in a 150 km radius, which significantly reduces the down-time for the customers' freight wagons. Thanks to their well-equipped quick-response trucks, our mobile service specialists perform not only replacement work for damaged parts (for example footboards, coupling hooks, buffers, etc.), but also welding and straightening work as well as grinding wheel set surfaces with flat spots and accumulation of metal.

In addition, we recently added a unique feature to one of our quick-response trucks: a brake test bench that enables us to execute full brake test with report (according to VPI guideline Br3) on-site. ​​

mobile service team​​


​Corrective maintenance