Brake systems

​​​Our team of qualified brake specialists has extensive experience with brake components manufactured by Knorr, Faively, Oerlikon, Sab Wabco, Dako, Wabtec, MZT, etc. They perform maintenance and repair work on all brake components (distributor valves, slack adjusters, weighing valves). To ensure maximum quality, all work is performed exclusively according to the manufacturer's instructions, using original parts.

The brake workshop’s equipment includes 6 mobile test benches​ for wagons and diesel locomotives. These state of the art mobile stations enable us to control the brake systems directly on the wagon or the locomotive. Our automated universal test bench can control brake components by any manufacturer. Once the maintenance work is completed, the entire brake system undergoes a final inspection on this fully automated test bench.

We currently perform maintenance on 2,500 brake systems per year. Our brake workshop specialists also offer diagnostic report services, as well as remote assistance for brake systems via telephone.

brake test bench​​​​​