Warehousing services

Our warehousing service offering ranges from the simple storage of goods to value-added services and is continuously evolving to satisfy our customers’ needs:

  • stock placement & removal
  • cold storage
  • cross-docking, consolidation / deconsolidating of truck loads
  • picking & packing
  • delivery to local and regional customers
  • inventory management services
  • value-added services


We are continuously extending our warehousing activities and have built a new central warehouse that enables us to group our warehousing activities in one single location and to expand our offer of value-added services.

Inventory management

​In addition to providing storage services, we offer full-service inventory management. This includes the computerized tracking of stock entries and removals, reporting to the customer, reordering and restocking according to the customer's needs, etc.

The full-service inventory management can be offered on-site, at the customer's facilities. In this case, a dedicated team of staff members is assigned to work full-time at the customer's warehouse.


Cold storage (only in French)


Warehousing services