Signature of a memorandum of understanding for the study of a China-Luxembourg rail freight connection

CFL multimodal and the Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a "dual hub strategy" in the area of rail freight.
Ministre Bausch & secrétaire général du Parti communiste chinois de la CAAC et vice-ministre du transport Feng Zhenglin . 5 janv

Press release from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure - only in French


Photo legend (copyright MDDI): (from left to right, 1st row) Marc Wengler, Zhao Wenming, (from left to right, 2nd row) Félicie Weycker, Tom Weisgerber, Camille Gira, François Bausch, Xie Fuzhan, Zhao Jiancai, An Huiyuan, Guo Hongchang


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