New Rbnpss wagon prototype

CFL cargo inspects the new flat wagon Rbnpss at the factory in Bulgaria.

In May, CFL cargo inspected its first new 25-metre-long flat Rbnpss wagon at the Transwaggon production site in Bulgaria.

CFL cargo had signed a contract to purchase of 540 25-metre-long flat railway wagons with the German company On-Rail Mettmann, last November.

The extra-long wagons are designed especially for the transport of steel products such as beams and sheet piles. The railway wagons are low-noise (thanks to composite brake blocks), weigh 28 tonnes and have a cargo capacity of 62 tonnes. A loaded wagon can proceed at a speed of 120 km/hour.

Transwaggon welcomed the guests from Luxembourg with a tour of the factory and a small “christening” ceremony accompanied by Bulgarian folk songs.

The finished wagons will be delivered at a rate of 20 wagons per month from the beginning of 2009 onwards.

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