European Rail Freight Portal

A new website aims to promote rail freight.


The site, created by the Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer (UIC) to create a positive perception of rail freight, building on the remarkable progress made by the railway companies in response to the logistic needs of their customers. In fact, in spite of the considerable improvements in services and performances, rail freight is still perceived as an underperforming business.

Hence the rail freight portal was launched by the UIC to enhance the perception of rail freight and promote rail transport. 100% dedicated to rail freight, provides interesting and up-to-date information on rail freight and statistics for the general public, journalists and potential customers.

The portal also features freight news and gives the visitor the opportunity to take part in surveys and polls related to important and ongoing topics. In addition, each month the portal features a detailed report on a specific topic or on the strategy and direction of a rail freight company that is a member of the UIC.

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