Cooperation with Lycée Bel-Val

Spare parts help students discover the mechanics of locomotives.


In June, Marc Schaeffer, responsible for the CFL cargo locomotive fleet, presented some educational material to Lycée Bel-Val: 1 piston and 4 poppet valves from a two-stroke 16-cylinder engine of a series 1800 long-distance locomotive.

The idea of this cooperation originated with Sven Brück, a former CFL cargo locomotive driver, who now manages the IT network at Lycée Bel-Val.

The objective of the cooperation is to give students from the section "industrial and maintenance mecanics" the possibility to discover engine parts other than those from the automobile or general industry.

Now that the type 1800 locomotives are being replaced by newer and more efficient models, CFL cargo may be able to donate additional parts to the school.


Photo legend (from left to right): Marie-Paule Müller (Chargée de direction Lycée Bel-Val), André Bauer (Directeur adjoint Lycée Bel-Val), Astrid Schuller (Directrice Lycée Bel-Val), Sven Brück (Responsable Réseau Informatique Lycée Bel-Val), Marc Schaeffer (Verantwortlicher CFL cargo Lokomotivenflotte)

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