Press release: MEP Georges Bach visits CFL multimodal

MEP Georges Bach visits CFL multimodal

Bettembourg, 7 May 2014 - On 7 May, MEP Georges Bach visited the Bettembourg-Dudelange intermodal terminal.

Georges Bach has been member of the European Parliament, and a member of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee as well as of the Transport and Tourism Committee since 2009. As an ex-railway worker, the development of railway transport is close to his heart.

It is in this context that Mr Bach met those responsible for the CFL Group in Bettembourg on 7 May: Mr Jeannot Waringo (Chairman of the Board), Mr Marc Wengler (Director General), Mr Alex Kremer (honorary Director General) and Mr Fraenz Benoy (Director of Freight Activities). The programme for the meeting included a visit to the current terminal, the rail motorway platform and the construction site for the new terminal, which will open its doors at the start of 2016.

The new terminal will, amongst other things, permit the logical extension of the combined rail network and surrounding logistics activities. Because of this, the CFL Group is planning to create 400 jobs by 2020.

“I’m proud of this promising development in the logistics and combined transport sector in Luxembourg. The investments into the new logistics site will create many new jobs on all levels. At the same time, the transfer of transported volumes from road to rail will lead to significantly fewer CO2 emissions,” explained Mr Bach at the end of his visit.

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