Press release : Significant order from ArcelorMittal

CFL cargo and CFF Cargo work together to transport steel products to Italy

Luxembourg, 20 September 2007 – Steel giant ArcelorMittal transports big quantities of flat steel from France to Italy. To do so, the global steel group relies on CFL cargo and Swiss SBB Cargo, who are intensifying their cooperation on the north-south axis.

Since mid September, 6 trains per week travel from the ArcelorMittal mills in French Lorraine and Luxembourg to steel customers in Northern Italy. Following the new transportation concept, CFL cargo is responsible for the haul to Basle-Muttenz as well as wagon availability. Starting in Basle, the wagons are taken over by SBB Cargo and transported to Italy. The Bettembourg and Basle hubs serve as bundling points, which are connected via shuttle trains. SBB Cargo services the line between Basle and Northern Italy, and handles the cross border transports. In Italy, the platforms in Desio and Turin serve as turntables for the switch from rail to road. Customers purchasing the steel products are various companies from the steel industry and the business sector.

For CFL cargo CEO Fernand Rippinger, the common project highlights the key to success: "This project is a perfect illustration of the implementation of our European strategy, and also offers an alternative for other customers who want to transport their goods across the Alps. In this context, it is important to offer the customers a high quality solution at a competitive price. In cooperation with our partner SBB Cargo, we have achieved this successfully," said Fernand Rippinger.

After a call for tender, CFL cargo awarded SBB Cargo the order for transporting 70,000 tonnes of ArcelorMittal flat steel per year from Basle to Turin. The Swiss rail freight company continues to service the Desio platform in Italy. During the course of the rest of 2007, the transport volume for ArcelorMittal will continue to increase and additional destinations in Italy will be added.


About CFL cargo

CFL cargo came into existence through the merger of the freight section of the Luxembourg National Railroad Company, CFL, and the internal transportation department of the Luxembourg mills of the world's number one steel company, ArcelorMittal. This enables CFL cargo to benefit from the parent companies' extensive experience in the domains of railway operations, client service and safety.

The strategic location at the heart of Europe enables CFL cargo to operate the main European North-South and East-West routes in cooperation with its subsidiaries; CFL cargo Deutschland and CFL cargo Danmark. In addition, CFL cargo offers feeder traffic service in the SaarLorLux region and in Northern Germany / Denmark.



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