Press release: CFL freight activities

Logistics, the motor of economic diversification

Bettembourg, 3 April 2014

The Luxembourg government has recently reaffirmed the importance of the logistics industry in national economic diversification. The sector rests on three pillars:

  • air freight, with Luxembourg airport
  • inland waterway transports, with the Port of Mertert
  • multimodal logistics, with Eurohub South and the new intermodal terminal project in Bettembourg-Dudelange

These three sites are complementary and benefit from a strategic location at the heart of the European economic area, at the centre of a zone assembling 40% of Europe's GDP and at the crossroads of freight railway corridors and major road transport streams.

With its two subsidiaries CFL cargo and CFL multimodal, the CFL Group is one of Luxembourg's main players in logistics and has developed its international presence in recent years with the creation of subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The range of freight services offered by the CFL Group today covers the entire logistics chain: rail and road transport, maritime and air commissioning, as well as warehousing, distribution, express services and customs agency activities.

Ambitions and challenges

The group's ambition is to connect Luxembourg and its main economic players to Europe's major ports and industrial centres, thanks in particular to a combined railway network developed in a star shape around the Bettembourg terminal. The group is preparing to manage the transition of the traditional world of rail freight based on conventional activities towards increasingly multimodal transportation. The group wants to develop high value-added services, thereby attracting new economic activities to the region and contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness of the country's industrial fabric.

At the same time, the group recognises the necessity of continually developing its own competitiveness by offering efficient and innovative services, such as by investing in Modalohr technology and developing rail motorways.

Business plan for 2020

On 31 March, the board of directors approved a business plan for 2020 with an accompanying investment plan of 126 million euro.

The plan foresees doubling turnover for freight activities, based on:

  • the development of a combined rail and rail motorway network starting from the Bettembourg-Dudelange terminal
  • the consolidation of the existing range of logistics services around the future warehouse situated on the Eurohub South site (warehousing, road transport and customs agency)
  • growth in conventional rail freight activities, in particular thanks to CFL cargo's subsidiaries abroad
  • the development of new value-added services on the Eurohub South site

The business plan for the CFL's freight activities anticipates an investment portfolio, in parallel to the government of Luxembourg's investments in the new terminal infrastructure in Bettembourg-Dudelange:

  • 2 RMG gantry cranes
  • a fleet of new Modalohr wagons
  • a fast maintenance workshop for wagons on the Bettembourg site
  • a new centralised warehouse of 30,000 m² at the Eurohub South site

Evolution of the organisation

The CFL Group will give itself the necessary means to put this project into practice by adapting its organisation. The freight activities of the CFL group will from now on be concentrated around four centres of expertise: rail, logistics, infrastructure and services. All of this will be headed by the new CFL Freight Director.

With this new organisation, CFL wants to affirm its presence in the European freight market and reinforce its competitiveness and the attractiveness of its offer in this domain.

About CFL multimodal

CFL multimodal is Luxembourg’s first multimodal operator with 30 years of experience in combined transport and 355 employees in 5 complementary companies covering all facets of logistics and combined transport. CFL multimodal offers a large portfolio of services: combined rail-road transport, rail freight solutions, road transport solutions, warehousing and all other services of the logistics chain (customs clearance, etc.). All logistics solutions are flexible and customized to fit the customer’s needs. The ideal geographic position of the Bettemburg terminal at the heart of Europe positions CFL Multimodal as a central logistics hub able to provide regular connections to the ports of the North Sea, as well as the Baltic Sea and Southern Europe, in co-operation with its sister-company CFL cargo.

About CFL cargo

CFL cargo was created by the merger of the freight department of the Luxembourg national rail company (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois) and the internal transport department of the Luxembourg production sites of ArcelorMittal. With its 600 employees, a fleet of more than 70 locomotives and 4,000 wagons, CFL cargo offers customer-orientated services: long-distance international rail freight transport, regional rail freight trains and local feeder services, shunting and marshalling yard operations, freight wagon maintenance and repair, and oversize load transportation. Together with its subsidiaries, CFL cargo is also present abroad, in particular in France, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

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Press release: CFL freight activities

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