Changes in CFL cargo Danmark and CFL cargo Deutschland

Armand Bellomi takes over management of the German and the Danish subsidiaries.


Armand Bellomi took over the position of Managing Director of CFL cargo Danmark ApS in October 2012.

In June 2012, Armand Bellomi became Managing Director of CFL cargo Deutschland GmbH. At the same time, he continues to hold the position of deputy COO at CFL cargo in Luxembourg. Prior to joining CFL cargo at the moment of the company's creation, Armand Bellomi worked in the steel industry for 20 years and he took over the internal transport department at the ArcelorMittal mills in Luxembourg in 2005. He studied Electro-Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, where he also completed a doctorate in Electrical Drives.

Jan Werny also recently joined the CFL cargo Deutschland team as Key Account Manager, after working in the Luxembourg CFL cargo Operations and IT departments since January 2011.

Jacek Kowalewski continues to manage all commercial operations east of Germany in his position of Director East Europe, a position he has held since joining CFL cargo in 2009.

Sven Mertes, Chief Commercial Officer of CFL cargo in Luxembourg, oversees and coordinates the global commercial activities of the mother company as well as of all the subsidiaries CFL cargo Danmark, CFL cargo Deutschland, CFL cargo Sverige and CFL Fret Services France.

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