Xrail appoints new CEO

Sassan Rabet is appointed new CEO of Xrail.


Brussels, 4th April 2013 – Xrail, the European wagonload production alliance, today announced the appointment of Sassan Rabet as its new Chief Executive Officer. Sassan Rabet, currently Deputy CEO of Xrail, is taking over the position effective 1st May 2013.

"We could not have selected a better person for the position," says Ferdinand Schmidt, Chairman of Xrail. "With his specific in-depth experience in the rail freight industry, including several leading positions at SBB Cargo, we are confident that Mr. Rabet is the right person to further develop the Xrail Alliance", says Mr. Schmidt.

"I am looking forward to continue enhancing the Xrail Alliance and to contribute to a significant and sustainable improvement of the European wagonload segment in close cooperation with the alliance partners. I believe that we have some very exciting prospects ahead of us", says Sassan Rabet.

The Xrail management change will take place on 1st May 2013. "On this occasion I would also like to express my gratitude to Guenther J. Ferk who took on the challenge of developing the wagonload alliance in 2008 and who has been leading Xrail ever since", says Ferdinand Schmidt. "Under Mr. Ferk's leadership, Xrail has been successfully positioned on the European railway map. The implementation of alliance standards between the seven partners provides customers with enhanced reliability and transparency for international wagonload transports", adds Mr. Schmidt.

Ferdinand Schmidt continues, "on behalf of all alliance partners, I wish Mr. Ferk the very best for the future. The focus of Xrail will not change with this management change. We will proceed with our current strategy, which is to create added-value for our members and their customers by improving the quality and transparency of international wagonload traffic."

Sassan Rabet, born 1972, holds a Master's degree in Public Policy and Management. He joined the railway industry in 2001 and has been working in the fields of strategy, business development, product management and business process reengineering, before joining Xrail. Mr. Rabet is married and has two children.


About Xrail

In February 2010, a unique production alliance was formed for the operations of international wagonload traffic between the seven rail freight operators CD Cargo, CFL cargo, DB Schenker Rail, Green Cargo, Rail Cargo Austria, SNCB Logistics and SBB Cargo.

The alliance strives to significantly enhance the competitiveness of European wagonload traffic by working together to improve the quality of wagonload services throughout Europe and has developed new international production standards, supporting IT tools and different quality improvement measures. In autumn 2010, pilot projects were initiated between the partners in the alliance and in the meantime the new production standard has been rolled-out to a relevant share of the international wagonload traffic between the partners.

Xrail implements a cross-border production standard benefiting wagonload customers in three areas: reliability (at least

90 % in international wagonload traffic on the Xrail network), transparency (international timetables from customer siding to customer siding, active information systems) and offer process (standard response time of maximum three days). In September 2010, the involved operators created Xrail S.A. as a company with offices in Brussels.

For more information about Xrail and wagonload traffic please  visit:  http://www.xrail.eu/

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