​​​The CFL Group's approach to corporate social responsibility aims to balance economic requirements with the respect of our employees' health and safety, and with the protection of the environment.

  • Safety is always the highest priority for all CFL subsidiaries. This includes occupational safety, as well as railway safety and road safety. Each company of the group has a Safety, Health, Quality & Environment Charter, which applies to all our employees, customers, service providers, material suppliers, as well as everybody in direct or indirect contact with our activities. Each new employee receives the applicable safety training and the companies continuously raise awareness, for example at the yearly health & safety day.
  • In addition to the initial job-related training and the safety training, employees can also take courses to improve their professional skills. We strongly encourage our employees' ongoing professional development efforts, because efficient and motivated employees are the foundation of a high-quality service offering.
  • Another important priority is the protection of the environment, as reflected in the CFL multimodal motto: ECOlogistics for our future. This refers not only to the corporate goal of achieving a maximum modal shift from road to rail but it also includes all the individual contributions such as waste prevention and recycling.  And CFL multimodal actively tries to minimize any potential nuisances and maintains an open dialogue with the surrounding communities.

Any persons or groups (students, logistics organisations, etc.) interested in seeing the existing terminal and learning more about the company's activities are welcome to request a visit with the CFL multimodal communications department by sending an email to communication@cfl-mm.lu.

Key figures:

  • 1180 employees on 31 December 2016
  • Diversity: 22 different nationalities


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